get smart. contest : congratulations scholarship winners

Drum roll please.

Our get smart. promotion with Maryann Devine of smArts & Culture was great fun. it turned out that the entries were so cool and creative, we couldn’t pick just one.

So, instead we have five winners. Each of the winners won the Alternative Marketing for Alternative Galleries home study course on our dime. Here are the winners, along with their entries:

Peter Fraterdeus I make language and thought appear to be real. | Rebecca Malamud my alternative art thing: hypertext poetry | Mani Price brings fresh new visionary psychedelic art & animation that seeks to expand the universal conscious. | Maria Rivera anything and everything is a tool, especially makeup! | Carol Wisker* I make sculpture from the tools that make sculpture!

Thanks Maryann and congratulations everyone!

* Carol Wisker has a heavybubble website.