Workshop: Photographing your artwork.

Yo Philly artists! The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is having a workshop to help you document your work. If you can't hire someone to take photos of your work learn how to take the best images you can.

This three-hour workshop will teach students the basics of photographing your artwork for documentation purposes. This can include sculpture, painting, drawings and photographs. We will cover the basics of equipment, lighting, setting and production as well as post-production image processing in Photoshop.

Tuition Non-Member: $60

Saturday, May 21st
12:00pm - 3:00pm

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The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to the study, practice, and appreciation of photography in the Philadelphia region. The organization fulfills this mission by offering educational programs, photographic exhibitions, lectures by practicing artists, and affordable access to high-end digital equipment for the creation of photographs. PPAC is a resource for both practicing artists as well as individuals interested in learning about all aspects of contemporary photography. PPAC provides needed technical services and instruction and promotes the relationships and connections that will lead to a more vibrant photography community.

1400 N. American St.
Suite 103
Philadelphia, PA 19122


1400 N. American St. Suite 103