Tim McFarlane : Transmissions at University of the Arts

Yellow Mirror a painting by Tim McFarlane
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Friday, September 30, 2016

Transmissions features a selection of new paintings and works on paper from 2015-16. 

Tim McFarlane writes, “The ‘Transmission’ paintings, several of which can be seen in this exhibition, are an extension of painting experiments done over a period of months after relocating my studio in August of 2015. In those works, I began combining gestural mark-making with areas of striped geometric color in order to create a sense of tension and contrast throughout the painting. The results, while satisfying, kept begging the question of ‘What If?’ What if I made paintings that were almost exclusively about the linear images, exploring larger themes related to the subversion of order and expectations? Chance is a major component of my work and the ‘Transmission’ paintings are no different. They are unplanned—no preliminary drawings—every move forward is a reaction to what was done previously. I make allowances for unplanned occurrences, paint leaking under tape, peeling up, i.e., ‘dirty geometry,’ lending an element of surprise and challenging the sense of clear order in these works.”

Opening Reception
Tuesday, September 7th from 4 -6 pm

September 7 -30, 2016 

Transmissions was curated by Marcelino Stuhmer and Charles Browning of UArts.

Gallery 817
333 South Broad Street Anderson Hall, 8th Floor, University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA 19147