Dan Mangan launches a BIG bubble.

Dan Mangan photography as fine art
website launch

We're happy to announce a new member of the tribe Dan Mangan. It was a pleasure to assist him in getting his site launched.

Dan's work blurs the space between photography and painting, blending form, light, and shadow into an image which has unique visual appeal. Dan has presented a large body of work in his portfolio. Spend some time there browsing each of his galleries. We are extremely interested in his work that appears to be a painting. 

from Dan Mangan's statement

Creating my art requires heightened observation and focus, thus introducing a considerable element of meditation to the process.  As such, photography and its continuum through the editing process are adjuncts to my sense of sight, and to my desire to record what to me has lasting value.  My task is to focus that visual awareness to the level of a worthy photograph. Once all the elements are in place, light in its myriad forms can then be used as the raw material to be molded, blended, and nuanced into the final idea.