Leo Robinson in An Exemplar Model

Leo Robinson, Poinsettia, 2016, 11 x 16, oil on panel, Heavybubble
Friday, January 5, 2018
Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kristin Balmer, Colleen O'Donnell & Leo Robinson 

Opening Reception: Friday, January 5, 5-8 pm 
Artists' Talk: Sunday, January 14, 2 pm 

Cerulean Arts is pleased to present An Exemplar Model, featuring work by Kristin Balmer, Colleen O’Donnell and Leo Robinson.  All three artists focus acutely on their subjects, creating intensely present, self-contained visions, with minimal contextual cues.  Balmer seeks to possess the beauty of her isolated birds, animals and objects through painting.  For her, the material qualities of a painting and its identity as an object is as important as the image, and if anything, is where the real meaning lies.  O’Donnell’s bronze and terra cotta sculptures are focused on the human form, blending reality and imagination with an expressionist touch.   A limitless inspiration for her, the human figure is a vehicle to present political, spiritual and personal themes.  Robinson’s oil on canvas and panel paintings of solitary plants, mainly orchids he has grown himself, are presented in a shallow space bathed in natural light.  Working slowly and meticulously from life, Robinson crafts a meditative experience for the viewer, allowing one to slow down and enjoy just looking.

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