Bill Brookover in CTRL+P at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Six dark lines move and weave from left to right over varigated yellow background
Thursday, January 7, 2021
Sunday, January 24, 2021

Crtl-P is the command to print (on Windows PC at least). It is the abbreviated sequence of simple actions that transform a digital image into a physical one. As common as it may be, this ordinary act of creation speaks to the voluminous history of image-making, the dissemination of knowledge, and of course, printmaking.


Crtl-P was juried by Liz Spungen, Executive Director of The Print Center,  to create a collection of work that celebrates excellence and innovation in the diverse fields of printmaking.

Participating artists include Alex Younger, Bill Brookover, Christine Baum, David Love, Karen Hunter McLaughlin, Danuta Muszynska, Hester Stinnett, Eszter Sziksz, Joseph Lupo, Katie Garth, Kit Donnelly, Mark Walley, and Rosalyn Richards. 

Da Vinci Art Alliance
704 Catharine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147