Stella Untalan in Arbitrary Relevance at Ground Floor

walnut missives ink drawings by stella untalan
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stella Untalan will be showing a pair of her walnut missives drawings in Arbitrary Relevance a group show in the new gallery Ground Floor. The inaugural exhibition will present a tidy pile of small works by artists who work in 1241 Carpenter.

The walnut missive drawings are created with handmade ink on Rives BFK. By dipping the pen — only twice — each drawing is made. 

Saturday, April 11, 6-8 pm

gallery hours
Wednesdays 3 - 5 pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays Noon - 2 pm
and by appointment


Artists include:
Zoë Blatt
Zoë Cohen
Melissa Crotty 
Tiff Davis
David Donahue
Amze Emmons
Phyllis Gorsen
Julian Grefe
Kay Healy
Katie Henry
Charlotte F Humenuk
Anne Koszalka
Jessica Kourkounis
Pam Lethbridge
Jim Loewer
Mike L Perry
Greg Pizzoli
Maria Mosette Kretschmann
Kristin Schattenfield-Rein
Nancy Sophy
Gina Tibbott
Stella Untalan

Ground Floor
1241 Carpenter Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147