Jim Stewart at Artist House

Scarlet/Rose by James Stewart, Oil on canvas  36 x 36 inches
Saturday, November 1, 2014
Sunday, November 30, 2014

The White Mountains of New Hampshire have been eroding to their present appearance for something like 300 million years. Their immense beauty is bound up in their ages-long face off with the forces of ice and gravity. A number of the paintings on this site are attempts to explore my response to that place and its temporal resonance.

I follow a very conventional process in my work. I do water color sketches on site and then develop oil paintings in the studio based on those sketches. I start very abstractly then “add color until an image occurs,” as Chardin said. The paintings often take several weeks to develop, and during that time, they move back and forth from representational to not very representational until the way they look seems to make sense.

Hopefully, the result is a balance between representational and abstract painting that allows me to refer to the experience of a particular – often very compelling – place while expressing a broader view of the landscape as a whole.

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