Key to the City, a public art project by Paul Ramírez Jonas

It's difficult to even imagine how large this participatory event will be. It's a New York City public art project that allows every New Yorker and visitor to open spaces in all five boroughs. To get a key you must bring some with you a collegue, friend, family member and bestow them with the key for a deed or special trait. Presented by Creative Time in cooperation with the City of New York. There are many ways to be part of this art piece. All the details are at the Creative Time site.

Smears and Secrecy in Philadelphia

Today we had an disturbingly obnoxious encounter with people 'behind' a fake artblog. They seem to think their grade school humor is funny.

Fake names, paranoia, threats, delusions of grandeur. Seems like everything they throw at you is a reflection of them.

Here's the e-mail exchange.

1. The initial approach

From the form at came an inquiry -- signed with a false name -- asking that the 'publisher' of the website be identified.

Talking about his work. MacArthur Fellow 2009, Mark Bradford

Mixed media artist Mark Bradford was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2009. The Fellowship is a $500,000, no-strings-attached grant for individuals who have shown exceptional creativity in their work and the promise to do more.

Don't miss his Philagraphika contribution at:

PAFA : Samuel M. V. Hamilton Building
128 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

POST: Philadelphia Open Studio Tours is 10 years old!

Ann Koivunen, Philadelphia Open Studio Tours explains about POST.

A great overview for a decade of art across Philadelphia.

The largest annual tour of visual artist studios in Philadelphia, POST brings you right to the source of our city's impressive art scene. 2009 marks the 10th Anniversary. Wow! POST is a program of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, a nonprofit career development organization that creates opportunities for artists to reach their professional goals.

Watch the video here:

Thorton Willis : its the same painting

Colorfield paintings have always been a favorite. This is a wonderful conversation with Thorton Willis. His paintings as fresh today as when he began.

from the artist:

To describe 21st Century spatial concepts (in painting) is to try and depict the basic interconnectedness of matter in which form only appears separate.
In fact, all form struggles to maintain itself in the dynamic flow of space and time. The essence of nature and of our own human existence is change, movement towards or way from one form to the next.

Heroines and Harlots: Women in History

Carol Wisker, Kali-ma (detail), mixed media, 27 x 25 X 9 inches, 1994-2009

Heavybubble artist Carol Wisker has one of her mixed media pieces in another juried show! Her mixed media piece is named for the Goddess Kali Ma. Kali Ma has many interpretations. Come to the artist reception and chat with Carol about her interpretation.

Heroines and Harlots: Women in History 
Da Vinci Art Alliance
Annual Juried Exhibition,  September 9-27
Juror: Kathryn Mc Fadden

704 Catherine Street, Philadelphia,19147


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