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Jeffrey Ventrella is a digital artist, artificial life researcher, and virtual worlds innovator. He holds a masters from the MIT Media Lab, and served as Principal Inventor of, and as a Senior Developer at Linden Lab. Ventrella has had several papers published and presented in Europe and North America. His career spans several fields, including data visualization, algorithmic art, and teaching courses at Tufts, Syracuse, and UCSD. Ventrella is the creator of Gene Pool, an interactive Darwinian simulation.

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Exciting machines of human scale. These sculptures walk the shorelines. Theo Jansen is the Dutch creator of what he calls Kinetic Sculptures, where nature and technology meet. Essentially these sculptures are robots powered by the wind only. Enjoy this TED talk. Watch it full screen.
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October 1 November 6, 2010

Artist Reception
Saturday October 23, 2010
5 - 7:30 pm

nothing obtrusive — nothing obscure

Caroline Furr intentionally moves quietly, thoughtfully, through space and her artwork does the same. An intimate reflection, the works are mindful places past and present age unknown.

Her solo exhibition fills the gallery as a temporal space — time floating gently to and fro. Layered yet revealing these tonal dances express themselves as a Floating World.


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Peter Fraterdeus has over 30 years of experience with calligraphy and letter design, including two National Endowment for the Arts grants to study calligraphy, letter carving and type design in Europe and the UK. He was introduced to letterpress printing in the mid 1960s when he first learned to print at Nichols Junior High in Evanston. He never imagined he would end up forty years later with a warehouse full of beautiful old presses, and printing on some of the very finest paper made on the planet.

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Juried by LiQin Tan
Co-Director and Associate Professor of Art, Rutgers University. His works have been displayed at SIGGRAPH-Art Gallery, Noyes Museum of Art, Shanghai DuoLun Museum of Modern Art, UK National Center for Computer Animation, Noho Gallery in NYC , Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, London iV04 -06 Digital Art Gallery, Singapore Art Museum, Concordia University V.A.V. Gallery, Maisons de la Culture in Montreal, and the National Art Museum in China.


Hand Delivery Only
Friday, September 17,
10:00 –3:30 PM

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Martin Wattenberg is a computer scientist and artist. He is a co-founder, with Fernanda Viégas, of the visualization studio Flowing Media.

From 2005 to 2010, he founded and managed IBM's Visual Communication Lab, exploring new forms of visualization and how they can enable better collaboration. A key project was Many Eyes (, an experiment in open, public data visualization and analysis.

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William Paul Gaetjens was born in Long Beach, CA, in 1946, to a family with a long tradition of working in metal. An early interest in art led to a creative mastery of the medium, with studies at the California College of Arts and Crafts and The DeYoung Museum School. In the 1970's, he worked as an iron worker on the Alaskan Pipeline. This real world experience influences his art today.

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Heavybubble has released a new design called stone.

The new design includes a text option on the gallery opener. Artist Jaume Pinya of Majorca, Spain uses it to provide an description in both Catalan and English. The gallery view uses a smaller view of an entire art work. Each gallery screen contains only four images/works and includes links to the next and previous four images. The design centers in browser window.

Mr Pinya cleverly used a gallery opener to create a statement screen that included two photos.

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Here’s a vid made last year by David Kessler featuring Ann Koivunen. This is why we’re community partners.
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Artist Carol Magnatta has added some painting of the seaside to her website. The Tu Tu Tube made us smile warmly. Enjoy some others from her beach collection. >
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a small ripple by Stella Untalan
September 4 September 30, 2010

The second exhibit in the Art in the Information Age series, Songlines, opens September 4 at Point.B Studio in Port Orford, Oregon. In traditional aboriginal culture, songlines are paths followed by a knowledgeable person (or "creator-spirit") who navigates the land by repeating the words of the song chanting the location of landmarks, waterholes, and other natural phenomena.

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September 3 September 30, 2010

Coming to 110 CHURCH | Find Way : Art in the Information Age, featuring artists who have elevated information visualization to an art form in their chosen medium. This show was conceived and curated by Rebecca Malamud of Point B Studio. It's on it's way from Oregon for a September opening here in Philadelphia.


Peter Fraterdeus
Martin Wattenberg
JJ Ventrella
William Paul Gaetjens

First Friday : September 2011

110 CHURCH | gallery

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