Philadelphia Artists’ Books : Venice Show

Claire Owen
Chela Metzger
Lara Henderson
Maria Pisano
Thomas Parker Williams
Alicia Bailey
Karen Lightner
Cathy DeForest
Dan Corrigan
Laura Beyer
Cathy Adelman
Beth Curren
Emily Martin
Alice Austin
Jon Snyder
Andrea Krupp
Todd Pattison
Lesley Mitchell
Donna Globus
Val Kremser
Adrienne Stalek
James Engelbart
Susan Viguers
Nancy Nitzberg
Bexx Caswell
Kristin Balmer
Eriko Takahashi
Elena Bouvier
Hedi Kyle

Only Photographs : A Group Show in Portland

Only Photographs is a collection of images based upon the principle of photograph as a holistic study of space, time, energy, and momentum. The show presents paired images from 14 photographers throughout the U.S. and Europe, each in his or her own visual perception of the world surrounding them. The resulting collection of images offers insight into 14 sets of life stages and unique environmental visions, encapsulated and unified by the force of photography, enabling photographer and viewer to investigate and celebrate these suspended moments together.

Sabine Friesicke’s gouache paintings at Gallery Joe.

We’re not the only folks expanding the definition of drawing with our show Stimuli•Stimulus. At Gallery Joe paintings by Sabine Friesicke fit the bill with densely drawn lines and grids. Can’t wait to see this show. Here’s a bit from Edith Newhall’s column. We see grids everywhere, every day — I’m looking through window panes at our neighbors’ asphalt shingles right now — but when they’re transposed to paintings and drawings, the effect can be hypnotic, even romantic.

Stimuli•Stimulus at 110 CHURCH gallery


Stimuli • Stimulus an exhibition of drawings shaped by recent external forces.

Juror, Leo Robinson

JUNE 3 - JULY 22, 2011

JUNE 17, 2011
Friday 5:00 - 8:00 pm

JUNE 3 and July 1, 2011
Friday 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Bill Brookover
Jenna Hannum
Colin Keefe
Brian Piana
Ana Vizcarra Rankin
Abbey Ryan
Kari Scott
Dennis Will
Wendy Wolf
and invited participant Danielle Bursk


Vision is Elastic. Thought is Elastic, curated by Moyra Davey and Zoe Leonard. Exploring various intersections between photography and writing, the exhibition is presented alongside the release of Blind Spot magazine No. 43, which has been jointly edited by Davey and Leonard. The show brings together works by Josh Brand, Roy Colmer, Pradeep Dalal, Shannon Ebner, Joy Episalla, William Gedney, Roni Horn, Katherine Hubbard, Babette Mangolte, Mark Morrisroe, Adrian Piper, Claire Pentecost, James Welling, and David Wojnarowicz.


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