looking forward to Astrid Bowlby at Gallery Joe

8.3.10 (A certain density, right), 2010 Ink on paper 11 x 8 1/2 inches

In an essay written for this exhibition Britta Konau states-

… Depending on how many layers of lines she applies to a piece, visual interest can shift from line to overall effect and tone. …Random accumulations of ink appear and seem to demand from us to recognize shapes in them, clouds, fog, concretions seen in nature. Bowlby has in fact been inspired by certain natural light conditions such as moonlight breaking through tangles of branches and leaves …

What is the role of an art museum in the 21st century? — Play Van Abbe

28/11/2009 - 21/03/2010

Play Van Abbe ia an 18-month programme consisting of exhibitions, projects, performances, lectures and discussions, taking the collection of the Van Abbemuseum as a starting point. Play Van Abbe is subdivided into four parts, each with its own theme.

Part 1, The Game and the Players, begins on Saturday 28 November 2009 and runs until March 2010.In this first part of the 18-month programme Play Van Abbe, the museum focuses on the stories of artists and exhibition makers.

Paper Works! Art in City Hall

Chanthaphone Rajavong, Four Approaches to Paper - An Installation, paper sculpture installation.

The City of Philadelphia’s Art In City Hall exhibition program celebrates its 59th group exhibition for local emerging and professional artists. Paper Works! features the work of 20 Philadelphia area artists working in the medium of paper.

City Skin: Howard Brunner, an exhibition in two parts

Brunner's photos taken between 1988 and 2002 are an exploration of the urban environment. His fascination with the city's surfaces has produced a breathtaking experience – intimate textures, graphic patterns, and painterly images.

Viewing the work side by side we are taken step by step on a journey that parallels that of the artist: the moment of encounter with the unexpected.

Special POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours) Event
This weekend October 1o - 11, 2009
12:00 - 6:00 pm

Roma Amor : sex, religion, and death

A collaboration with poems by Randall Couch

and images by Joel Katz

Italy is about sex, religion, and death (not necessarily in that order). And, like photography, about time, as you would expect from a country in which “modern” history begins in 1600. Italians’ attitude about these subjects is, to say the least, ambivalent and complicated, and it is this ambivalence that intrigues me and that I have tried to capture by juxtaposing images that reveal the ambiguities, contradictions, and contrasts in Italian life and culture.

Lace in Translation

Lace in Translation, a new exhibition of contemporary work that explores the intersection of luxurious hand-craftsmanship with modern, mass production. The Design Center at Philadelphia University's historic Quaker Lace Company collection is the inspiration for three internationally-renowned artists and designers reconsidering conventional notions of lace. European designers Tord Boontje and Demakersvan, and Canadian artist Cal Lane have created installations specifically for The Design Center's unique and intimate space - a 1950s era, Hollywood-style ranch house.


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