Pale Mountain, Iceland

10" x 14"
Andrea Krupp

Andrea Krupp is an artist whose mission is to go deeper and find meaning through exploring concepts of place and self. Through visual art and the written word, she engages with recognizing and attending to the exterior world, i.e., place, earth, nature; the interior landscape of self; and their twining. She believes in the power of visual language to provide new perspectives and deeper context for thinking about our past and our future, and to uncover essential truths about the here-and-now. Anchored in “landscape,” her work is both personal and universal as she searches for meaning at this critical juncture between humanity and the earth.

Andrea lives and works in Philadelphia. She studied at the University of the Arts, graduated with honors and a BFA in Printmaking in 1984. She is a 2017 Independence Foundation Visual Arts Fellow. For more information please visit