Self Portrait

Self Portrait, Acrylic On Canvas, 8"x12," by Kala Hagopian
Kala Hagopian

Kala Hagopian is a fine artist and muralist based in Philadelphia PA. Her work explores figures and animals in intricately patterned landscapes. Sometimes the landscape itself is the subject of the painting. In part, her work draws inspiration from the beauty and complexity of nature. Her paintings invite the viewer to step into a world that is familiar yet dream-like. Her subjects often come from personal connections and life experiences.
Kala attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and currently shows her work regularly in Philadelphia.  Kala is a former founding member of the female art Collective, Chroma Dolls LLC and the current founder of Hagopian Arts.  Hagopian Arts is a family mural and fine art collaboration based out of both Philadelphia and Vermont.
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