Heart of Cassiopeia

Heart of Cassiopeia by Ana Vizcarra Rankin
watercolor and mixed media on 'gessobord'
Ana Vizcarra Rankin

Ana Vizcarra Rankin is an Uruguayan American artist living somewhere between homesickness and wanderlust. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History summa cum laude from Temple University in 2010 and her Master of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2012. Ana has exhibited nationally and internationally at Sandy Springs Museum, Goggleworks, Crane Arts, Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, Designbox, and the Exploris Museum. Awards include Billikopf Award 2010, Essie Baron Memorial Award 2010 and the Judith McGregor Caldwell Purchase Prize for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum permanent collection in 2012.

Comet Farm by Ana Vizcarra Rankin