Stockyard by KD Mernin
Mixed Media
KD Mernin

My work is a generally humorous exploration of "girl-ness". I take flashes of color, snippets of imagery, disjointed words and fragmented memories and give them voice; permanency. Through monotype, collage and traditional painting, I speak to the objectification and deification of the female. I mine the depths of feminine memory and history to tell stories. I make art about women, about relationships, about society and about the place of women in it. I speak about the meaning of home, the deconstruction of family and the state of modern society.  I explore the concepts of “conversation and memory”. The ongoing internal conversations that never seem to end; the conversations we have with history and our pasts; and the familial conversations full of both laughter and strife and replete in the glory of shared time.

I am a relatively new resident of Philadelphia, having moved here from Cambridge, MA just over 2 years ago now. As time passes I trust I can establish my art practice here in PA as fully as I had in MA.  To see more of my work, and to learn more about me please visit my website at


House Dress by KD Mernin