Hydromedusa by Sara Bakken
silk organza on linen
Sara Bakken

Sara Bakken is a Philadelphia based glass an fiber artist.  After graduating from The University of the Arts in 2007, she has been continously exhibiting her artwork through Philadelphia's longest running co-operatively run gallery, MUSE Gallery in Old City.  Her aquatic inspired sculptures and wall pieces have also been featured in numerous galleries throughout the Philadelphia region as well as New Jersey beach destinations.  Manipulated silk organza and blown and cast glass are the prominent components of her texturally comlex pieces.  Each piece is created through a process of accumulation, as a way to mimic the growth and reproductive cycles that occur in the underwater world.  Abyssal creatures, miniature jellyfish, encrusting bryozoans, and delicate anemones prove to be the main source of visual inspiration for her work.

  Sara has also lent her creativity and surface design techniques to create an opera set for the International Opera Theater of Philadelphia's production of Decameron.  She is also currently an instuctor at the Philly Art Center, teaching classes in jewelery design, precious metal clay and crochet.