Passing and Sui generis

Passing and Sui generis by Amy Ralston
wire, wool, twine, paper, acryllic
$275 and $295
Amy Ralston

Amy Ralston is an emerging artist whose varied experience brings a richness to her sculptures’ form and content.  After receiving a BA in Architecture from Wellesley College, she attended graduate school for architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.  Although she has never practiced as an architect, her focus in school on the experiential nature of architecture has informed her approach to sculpture.  Similarly, her work as a software developer has influenced her understanding of the ‘user’, of levels of abstraction, and of methods of communicating information.  Eva Hesse and Louise Bourgeois are among her influences.  A recent interest in the forms and methods of bacteria has begun to express its symptoms in her work.  She is currently an Artist in Residence at Heron Studios in Aston, PA.