Woods 2

by Barbara Schaff
9 x 6 3/4"
Barbara Schaff

All truth resides in the spontaneity of Nature. In my search for this truth, I try to give myself over to the subject, trusting my instincts in the gesture, the color, and the line.

In my work, I seek a pathway to the most spontaneous, unconscious expression of my heart. Through the physicality of the gesture, I strive to become a part of the primal energy that fuels the Creative Process in order to merge with the creative process and allow the spontaneous rendering to discover the unknown.

I want to dig beneath the surface of things to discover the simplicity of what connects us to our world and each other. By keeping my mind open to all possibility of what the work will be, I hope to enter into a silent dialogue with the creative forces and become receptive to its council.