RiTUAL. A ceremonial act ~ Rites used in the course of worship ~ The performance of ceremonial acts ~ The prescribed form of conducting the ceremony ~ A method of procedure that is followed without variation ~ performance with gestures, words, and objects, often in a sequestered place.

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Melanie VanReymersdal

Melanie VanReymersdal is a current Art Education major at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Work shown here was completed as part of the Fall 2013 Book Structures course taught by J. Pascoe. Melanie is expected to graduate May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education.

Labyrinths of Math Class

Labyrinths of Math Class by Melanie  VanReymersdal

Ink on paper.


Artwork in Ritual Single-sheet book show (2013)

Game Face by Melanie  VanReymersdal
Game Face         
Labyrinths of Math Class by Melanie  VanReymersdal
Labyrinths of Math Class